The Salomon Over the Mountain Running Challenge 2018 ,

will successively evolve on the slopes of Ventoux, the Belgian Ardennes,

the peaks around Lake Annecy, the foothills of Mont-Blanc,

those of Pic d'Aneto and the Ubaye valley.

“Over the Mountain” reflects a desire to be independent, community-based and open to all:

practitioners, organizations, federations and concretize the fact that our mountain playgrounds are superb!

2018 will be marked by continuity with the six 2017 stages renewed.

This is a first after fourteen editions under different names.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

This is a request from loyal runners who in 2017 found the right balance between geography and diversity of terrain, through a calendar large enough to have rest periods.

We will always focus on the distance close to the marathon.

It brings together the most athletes of all levels and allows them to express themselves as they wish.

Suddenly, this will also allow everyone to work in continuity.

We offer improvements, particularly in terms of hospitality, friendliness or purely sporting.

The 2018 edition still includes 6 races over 6 months, 3 rankings with a men's scratch,

woman and man hope and mileage close to the marathon distance.

On the payment side, we keep the same recipes: only the 3 best results are taken into account,

in order to have "jokers" or to be able to be classified on the circuit without having to do all the races.

The top five in each category are invited to participate in the final.

The opportunity to join the 2019 Salomon team returns for the three winners man, woman and hope man, following the strong wishes of the regulars of the circuit and will crown their season.

This circuit is also a great and already long adventure for trail running enthusiasts who often work in the shadows, in order to offer beautiful meetings to runners and contribute to the media coverage of our sport. Go from Ventoux to the Belgian Ardennes, from the Northern Alps to the Pyrenees and finish in the Southern Alps: the perfect opportunity to rediscover our beautiful trails and regions.

The stages 2018 :

Same distance for woman, man and hope.

46 km / Ergysport trail du Ventoux, Bédoin (84).

50 km / La Bouillonnante, Bouillon, Belgium.

42 km / Salomon Gore-Tex Maxi-Race, Annecy-le-Vieux (74).

42 km / Mont-Blanc Marathon, Chamonix (74).

45 km / Luchon Aneto Trail, Luchon (31).

42 km / Ubaye Trail Salomon, Barcelonnette (04).

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- Date / place: MARCH 18, 2018 and BEDOIN MONT VENTOUX

- Website address:

- Facebook page address: Ergysport Trail du Ventoux

- The proposed distances: 46 Km - 23 Km -15 K

- Email address for information of competitors:

- Record time 46km: Marc Lauenstein 03:48:41 and Adeline Roche 04:24; 09

16th edition. The Trail du Ventoux is to run towards a mythical summit which flirts with 2000 m at the end of winter.

The spring which points its nose under the 1200 meters and often above the winter which makes resistance with the snow on the ridges, it is a trail which really has a mountain connotation on a very varied ground, colored ochres at the top through the wildest valleys of the massif.

It is a real immersion in the wildest places of the Ventoux massif


- Date: April 20 and 21, 2018

- Location: Bouillon, Belgium

- Website address:

- Facebook page address:

- The proposed distances: 50K - 29K - 15K - 5K children - 15K at night

- Email address for competitor information: via Facebook

- Record time 50km: Michel Lanne 4h16'23 ”(FRA) - Juliet Champion 5h34'31” (GBR)

La Bouillonnante, a trail that connects climbs, descents, relaunches. Trail running is playing. And that's what we try to offer every year. New bumps, new trails, and lots of fun.

The departure takes place in the heart of the Château de Bouillon and the circuit takes you to some beautiful viewpoints of the region. The final part of the circuits (from 15k to 50k) is undoubtedly… refreshing since it will be necessary to cross the Semois twice to reach the castle. If you like the effort, but not without comfort, this trail is for you ...


- Date: May 25 to 27/27 for the MR

- Location: Annecy le Vieux (Doussard for the departure of the MR)

- Website address:

- Facebook page address:

- The distances offered: Mini-Race (150m, 300m, 500m), Vertical Race (4km), 17km, 42k, 5m, 85km solo or in relay 2 or 4, 85km in 2 days = XL_Race, 117km non-stop or in 2 days (XXL-Race)

- Email address for information of competitors:

- Record time of the 42km: 4h20: Céline Lafaye / 4h02: Clément Molliet

Organized by runners for all runners, this multifaceted event implies for participants both courage, respect for the environment and surpassing oneself.

Lake Annecy is an exceptional site which offers an authentic mountain trail course with a series of rolling, technical, single-track sections, passages in undergrowth, mountain pastures or even greenways and forest tracks.

After having surveyed the summits, you will cross the finish line with your feet in the water or almost for a well-deserved swim.


- Date: June 28 to July 1, 2018

- Location: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

- Website address:

- Facebook page address:

- The proposed distances: 90km, 42km, 23km, 10km, star duo, Vertical KM

- Email address for information of competitors:

- Record marathon time: Kilian Jornet in 03:45:45 in 2017 / And Elisa Desco in 04:35:10 in 2015

The 2018 edition of the Mont Blanc Marathon will take place from June 28 to July 1.

On the program: 8 races, challenges, trails to explore, breathtaking landscapes and an adventure that everyone can decide to live in their own way!

In the heart of the Alps, around Mont Blanc, a unique spectacle awaits runners from all over the world, it is an explosion of scenery and sensations that bring together for a weekend, all those ready to take up the challenge!


- Date: July 7 and 8, 2018

- Location: LUCHON

- Internet address:

- Facebook address:

- The proposed distances: 10/21/45/63/85 km

- Email address for information of competitors:

- Record time: Nicolas Bouvier Gaz 4:18 and Mano Bourgeois 5:20

A race that we would like to do… here is the key word of the organizers of the Luchon Aneto Trail and all in a typical Pyrenean atmosphere. Everything is done so that everyone, runners and accompanying persons, children, have a pleasant weekend, all in a magical site. Several more or less difficult courses are offered so that everyone can participate at their level and have fun. You will find everything to have fun, from single,

the track, the rolling, the technique but just enough, the undergrowth all in a breathtaking panorama. You will leave the city center to reach very quickly

the Luchonnaises mountains which are there in front of you. In short, trail running in its purest form….


- Date: August 5, 2018

- Location: Barcelonnette

- Website address:

- Facebook page address:

- The proposed distances: hiking 12 km, 12 km, 23 km and 42 km

- New in 2018: We think about it

- Email address for information of competitors:

- Record time 42 km: Nicolas Perrier: 3h43mn29s / Amandine Ferraro 4h31mn06s

In one of the most beautiful valleys of the Southern Alps, cradled by the Mediterranean sun, three trail courses, including a technical, demanding and committed Elite route. Each and every one of them can choose between three routes of 12, 23 or 42 km in a loop, starting from the city center of Barcelonnette.

A trail which, depending on the altitude, will smell lavender and genepi, the scent of undergrowth and mountain pastures, the pure and crisp air of the peaks and large mountain spaces with Provençal colors and skies. All the ingredients are there to allow your physical and technical potential to be fully expressed and to bring you to the highest peaks of the Ubaye Valley, under the intrigued eye of marmots, chamois and ibex.